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It’s Been a Busy Week…

April 2, 2005 at 10:56 PM


  1. But since I finished all the tasks I was supposed to do, and my boss wasn't around on Thursday or Friday to give me a new task to do, I'm going through all the boxes of absentee ballot envelopes, rubber-banding them in sets of 100, and putting them back in their boxes.

    If you have nothing to do, all you need to do is to show up there, pretend to be busy. That's all :-)

    Comment by Antony Shen — 4/3/2005 @ 5:46 AM
  2. Actually, that particular task was assigned to be done when all the other work I've been assigned is completed, and a new task isn't available yet - it's more of an in-between task, really. I also finished it up yesterday =)

    And I don't think I could pretend to be busy...I'm not someone that tries to get out of work - I can't bring myself to do that...

    ...Unless it's for work that I definitely don't want to do (like some of the things my parents want me to do) - that's a completely different story =P

    Comment by Wolfey — 4/5/2005 @ 7:09 PM
  3. Hello Tim,

    Then ask for a new task, and your boss should be happy about your performance.

    Comment by Antony Shen — 4/6/2005 @ 2:33 AM
  4. Heh...My boss is happy about my performance, as that's exactly what I do when I'm finished with a task =)

    Comment by Wolfey — 4/6/2005 @ 6:24 AM

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