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I Hate Being Sick…

March 26, 2005 at 12:12 AM


  1. That's strange, with your mom's not being able to remember her passwords to anything. My mum isn't that big a computer user, and when she is, I'm usually doing the browsing for her. Everything she signs up for, we make an account, but she says, "No, you don't have to write it down, I probably won't be looking at it again." And surely enough, a week later we're trying to find out what that username/password was, and usually just wind up creating a new username/password. The same goes for two of my cousins, my aunt, and especially my grandmother and grandfather.

    As for your parents yelling, I've found a good way of being able to tune that out. Get a good pair of headphones, the ones that completely cover your ears (instead of the popular earbud-phones), and a copy of any really loud artist's album (such as Green Day, The Mission UK, etc...). Trust me, if you have your CD player up at full blast, this works great. That is, of course, guaranteed that you don't accidentally pop the headphone cord out of the player itself and all of a sudden be immersed in very loud rock music (and therefore annoy both my parents and the neighbors as well).

    I was sick recently as well (okay, maybe not to the extent that you were), but me being me, I can't miss anything. Even one day out of school in two years (which was the case here) is one too many. So, shortly after my school was dismissed, I see a friend in my homeroom class walking by, so I decide that I could get whatever homework we had from her. But, how do I get outside, if she's about to drive away, while the door's on the other side of the building? Easy: jump out the window. Now, I did get it, but unfortunately I literally horrified her and the rest of her family there with her by doing that. Case-in-point: I have to think a bit more before I act, don't I?

    Comment by Don Luchini — 3/26/2005 @ 9:09 AM
  2. (Again, sorry for the late reply - after I get home from working at the courthouse, it's hard for me to find the time to get a reply typed up. Unless it's during the weekend, I'll probably be late with posting stuff like this until the job is over.)

    My mom's been doing a little bit of browsing (emphasis on little), and it's mostly simple things that she looks for - when it comes to looking for graphics or such for a project to do, it's better for me take over at that point. The problem is that she doesn't want to learn how to do things on the computer (which she actually admitted to after Dad asked her about that, during the argument), and probably never bothered to commit the username/password combination to memory (or even write it down - the particular combinations used were easy to remember), so it's not a surprise that she forgot what the combination was. She would rather have someone else (usually me) do the work for her...And I'm personally getting tired of doing this for her all the time - I'll either quit doing her work, or she'll have to quit some of the things she's involved in. Given what she gets stuck with sometimes, the latter is more likely to happen - The local Lions Club is having their election of officers around June, and Mom is not going to be the secretary for the club anymore. She only took the position (which was supposed to be temporary) because the former club secretary had broke her arm - she ended up getting stuck with it (the former secretary left the club awhile back), as well as with a lot of other duties that other members of the club should have been doing instead. of her Secretary position at the local Lions Club, which will really help out here (for all three of us).

    As for the headphones - I've heard of both kinds (the earbud type is good for the cordless telephones we have), though I never bothered to get a pair like what you're describing (at least, not one that fully covers the ears). I'm also not really a fan of loud music (though there's some I can stand listening to, usually at a slightly lower volume), but as long as it's loud enough to keep me from hearing any arguments going on, that's good enough for me. Also, this would be great to have when doing things like playing games, as there'd be no need to turn the sound down (or off) if someone downstairs is watching TV or trying to sleep. As for the headphone cord...Well, I'll just have to make sure the cord's long enough to prevent it accidentally getting pulled out like that...in most cases, anyway =P

    Speaking of being sick...It's pretty bad when you can't even take a day off to recover, isn't it? I hope it wasn't anything contagious, like what I had. If I may ask, what were you sick with?

    Also, as for what you did there to get your homework...I'd agree with you there - you had to get your homework some way, but when trying something like jumping out of a window to get your homework (and scaring quite a few people in the process)...Yeah, you might want to put a little more thought into your actions in the future ;P

    Comment by Wolfey — 4/2/2005 @ 12:57 AM
  3. It's funny that you say that your mum doesn't want to learn about computers, because I'm stuck in a similar situation here. Now, from what I think, she knows how to do it, but is afraid of breaking something. As an example, she probably knows how to turn it on, but wouldn't want to because she'd think that she'd break the power button, so she has me do it instead. Pointless? Definitely.

    I do have a pair of earbud-phones that came with a CD player. Maybe this is because the CD player was only $30, but they sound awful compared to my good headphones. I think it's more of a fact that the speakers are so small that they can't produce a good sound. We have a cordless phone in the house, but I'm usually upstairs. I do have a phone next to me, but I decided to be cheap and only paid $5 for it. It's a plain old corded touchtone phone; I think it has an address book that I never used (for its awful navigation system), but that's it. The majority of my talking to anybody is done over AIM and MSN Messenger, and if it's something huge and important, e-mail. The cord on my good pair of headphones is actually quite long, but the problem is that it usually gets wrapped around my leg, so when I move it, out it comes. In some other cases, it's also gotten stuck under my desk chair wheel, so when I move my head, they come off, then I move my leg, the cord comes out... Cause-and-effect is my enemy.

    As for why I was sick, well, I would like to know what exactly I was sick with at the time. Saturday and Sunday I had a back/neck pain, Monday and Tuesday I had what you might think to be allergies, and Wednesday (or at least, I think it was Wednesday), it was both accompanied by a fever of around 101. Well, whatever it was, I'm not going to worry too much, as this has been the first time I've been sick in around two years.

    I know I should think before I act... Sometimes, though, I see things happening too fast, and I know there's not enough time to sit and think about it. If she and her family are about to drive off, I need to act quick, right? Now, since this is a week later, and I have time to think about it, I guess I could have just opened the window and asked if she could wait, then just walk downstairs and out the door. Well, I didn't break anything (as she thought I did); that's the important part, right? The interesting thing, though, was that only my algebra teacher wanted me to have done it -- not the case with history, biology, English, or Spanish. That surprised me, as I would have expected it to be "as if I hadn't been out at all".

    Comment by Don Luchini — 4/2/2005 @ 9:00 AM
  4. Ow...I'm sorry to hear you were suffering from all of that recently =( To be honest, I think that what you went through there was worse than what I went through...Are you completely over it yet?

    And you're right, there - in cases like that, there's not always enough time to think of what the best thing to do would be, before you act on it. At least you got what you needed, and (just as importantly) didn't break anything, either...

    ,,,And you also know now that next time, when something like this happens, just open the window and ask for her to wait, instead of jumping out of it ;P

    Comment by Wolfey — 4/2/2005 @ 10:05 PM

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