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Conversing With My Pastor; If You Don’t Like My Work, Do It Yourself

March 18, 2005 at 3:21 AM

On Wednesday, I went to help fix the Pastor's computer, as it had been acting slow for him. After checking for spyware (and removing what I found), I booted it into Safe Mode for defragmenting...And while that was going on, he asked me something about what he saw on my site - he found out about it from his eldest daughter when she was searching for info about the church, and ended up finding my Confessions/Revelations entry. Though I trusted what he said about that, I checked it at home myself, just out of curiosity: As of the time this was posted, that page is the first result for for Limestone Reesedale Church of God - it's also first for Limestone Reesedale, and #13 for just Reesedale!

As for asking me about what he saw in that entry, I felt very uncomfortable talking about it - They (the Pastor and his daughter) are the first people I know offline that know about the site. The Pastor and I talked privately about some of the things I had mentioned there - he helped clear up quite a few things that I wasn't sure about, especially when I kept bringing up what should be done in hypothetical situations depending on the condition(s) of those situations. Given how uncomfortable I felt about talking about these things (as I'm not used to revealing things like this), he was very kind to me while I talked about it, and that's something that I really respect when talking to someone. All in all, we had a rather interesting discussion on all of these things. If (or when) issues like this come up that I'm confused about, the first person I'll be talking about them to will most likely be him.

I was also supposed to fix one of Mom's friends PCs, but it took practically all of the time I had left while I was at the church to defragment his computer (it was finished before I had to leave, though), and I had to put that off for a day. That evening, I had to help Dad clean out the chimney - we had a small fire yesterday (in part of a pipe connecting the furnace and the chimney), but no damage was done to it. This went horribly - I had a lot of trouble moving the chimney brush up and down (most of the time it didn't even budge - it's segmented, and it got stuck a lot when I used it), and I asked Dad for help - he had no trouble pulling it out. I had problems doing this while wearing gloves (which kept slipping on the handle) and without gloves (my hands were sore from rubbing against the handle so much).

He yelled at for not being strong enough to do this...And though I do agree that I should get some exercise (in addition to already having to constantly run around in this house, usually to get a ringing phone; I haven't had any real exercise since 12th grade gym in high school), it may be difficult to bring myself to: One, If I choose to exercise, I won't do it in public (not since the time in 6th grade where I couldn't do a single push-up, and was ridiculed by the class for it), and two, even if I were fit enough to do a job like that, if he's going to display that kind of attitude when trying to get me to do these things (especially whistling and making noises while I'm working), then he can just do the job himself. Chastising others if they're doing something wrong may be the way he learned about this, and that might work with some of the people he works with, but I can say that it definitely doesn't work with me.

I admit, I have been rather critical of some people's work, but it's because I'm very nitpicky about things, and I want to cover anything and everything I find...And along the line, I forget to pay attention to how I sound when I do that, by accident. I honestly try to go about it in a courteous way, but I've slipped up at times and just sounded rude as a result - I apologize if something like this has occurred, and I'll do my best to make sure that doesn't happen again in the future.

I like my Dad, but I hate the attitude he displays when he wants me to do things for him - I'd be much more willing to help him out if he'd just stop yelling at me when I don't come up immediately to do something (I keep in mind that if he's busy with a game of Solitaire/FreeCell, he doesn't quit it immediately if Mom asks him to do something, unless it's an emergency or if it coincides with a completed game), and stop complaining about how I do certain things, especially the same things over and over again - If you have that much of a problem with how I'm working on something, you can just do it yourself.

Yesterday, I went over to work on a friend of Mom's computer - she was trying to figure out why some links didn't open up properly in Firefox, why some bookmarks weren't in the right folders, why she had trouble copying a recipe into Microsoft Word, and why graphics weren't appearing on one particular page. I helped to fix all of those problems: When she used IE in the past, she opened up multiple windows when working with certain pages, and she didn't do that with Firefox until I showed her that; I helped move around some of the bookmarks to their proper places, as well as hiding folders containing bookmarks that don't directly lead anywhere, like Quick Searches and Sage Feeds; I showed her the "Print Preview" function in Firefox so she wouldn't even have to copy the recipe she found to Word at all, and; she had erroneously blocked that one site's images beforehand - I showed her how and where it was marked as blocked, unblocked the entry for that site, and reloaded the page, which now could show the previously-blocked images.

After that, she said I could watch TV for a bit while she got ready to leave and take me back home along the way. When she took me back home, not a minute passed by before I noticed a girl standing around, who looked familiar. I didn't get that good of a look at her (just part of her face, and especially her hairstyle - that's all I managed to notice), but if I'm not mistaken, it just might have been Jessica. I had a feeling she probably still lived around here, as she went to the same high school as I did (if it's where I think it is, she lives very close to the school), and the place where she was standing was not too far from one particular drive - one which I've been on every so often when going through Kittanning, which I had recalled seeing in the phone book a few years ago under the last name Karaffa (there was only one Karaffa in that book [the most recent book has none], and though the first name's different, I'm willing to bet that this Karaffa is a close relative of hers). If that was her...Well, at least I know she still lives around here, so that's one thing taken care of, in terms of having a chance to speak to her again (which would be the first time since 10th grade in high school) ;P

When I got home, after my parents and Mom's friend talked together for awhile, I had to help clean parts of the house that were dusty - and why were they dusty? It seems that Dad, in the basement, used a vaccum cleaner to try and clean out the soot (and other stuff) from that part of the furnace pipe in the basement that caught fire a few days ago, and he ended up getting dust throughout the house (well, the lower end of the house) as a result; Mom was furious. When I finished, I messed around on the computer for awhile, and later got a call from a lady at Klingensmith's Drug Store for an interview next Wednesday. I hope the interview goes well, but even if it does, and I get hired for a job, I'm going to have to see when that job would start, as I've recently been hired for another job - earlier in the day, Mom had told me that I got called back for work at the courthouse (as I was told I did a terrific job when I worked there during the Presidential Election), and I'll be working there from March 28 until the day of the primary election.


  1. This goes to show you that if something is out there, that it can and will get out to somebdy you know one way or another. In this case, your pastor happened to find out about how you were questioning your beliefs. Well, at least you didn't get into a whole lot of chaos due to it... Example: Tell Person A to do something to Person B, and Person B tells persons C through Z, and Person Z just happens to be somebody you told about what you were doing, so then persons B through Z are mad at you. This really did happen to me once, I haven't talked to Person A since, and Persons B through Z haven't talked to me either. It's really a matter of whether or not you want anyone and everyone to be able to know, and therfore to know, what you are going to release. But who knows, maybe Persons A through Z will be even madder at me now because maybe Person N will find out that I've made this info public and tell Persons A through M and O through Z.

    As for doing such tasks with my family, I remember our attempt to set up a backup server. The hub/gateway were upstairs, and the server was in the basement. Since the wireless signal couldn't reach through the floor (even though the thing was literally right under the gateway), we decided to take out the good old drill and shove some RJ45 cable through the floor (or ceiling, depending on your perspective). Well, imagine my mum's reaction when she sees a thick white RJ45 cable going through the floor a few days later... (But either my mum or my dad will see this too!)

    Anyway, it looks like I'm not the only one literally running a computer repair business for people I know. That includes relatives, friends, friends of friends, school faculty (including the computer teacher!), too many to list. It does make me wonder if I should start charging. All I know is that the school is getting a big fat bill dropped on the principal's desk at the end of the year. But once again, they'll find out about this, and then my plan will be ruined... Go figure, this is the true nature of the Internet.

    Comment by Don Luchini — 3/18/2005 @ 4:39 PM
  2. Hello.............................I haven't said hi to you in a while so I was surprised to see a junkRIOT link on your page. junkRIOT so recent and me talking to you being so far o_O. Considering I don't talk to any of the others at all anymore and I'm sure they'd preffere I stay off the face of the earth :). I digress.....do you enjoy junkRIOT? I am eager for input.

    Comment by mvmarcz — 3/22/2005 @ 10:31 AM
  3. Don:

    Sorry for the late reply here - been somewhat busy this week.

    As for what you said there, that's true. In my case, I didn't really expect it to get out to somebody I know that fast, I didn't expect him to be the first one to find it, and I definitely didn't expect it to be found out by looking for information on the church (that one surprised me). I'm just glad it went as well as it did.

    As for working, I'm pretty much helping out the same kinds of people here (except for the school faculty, but only because I've been out of school for awhile now). In most cases, I don't really charge for my work, either - For now, I'm doing it for the experience, as well as for references. Some people I have helped have wanted to pay me, and, if they're friends of my parents (which is usually the case), I try to give back some (or all) of the money, as in some cases what I did isn't really worth being paid for (in that it was something so simple to do that I'd feel wrong to charge them for it). The only times I've accepted money without trying to give it back are if I've already spent a lot of time trying to get computers set up, or if I'm printing out things for people, especially in mass quantities - I've recently done 750+ business cards (and there will probably be more to print) for two people that my cousin knows, that asked me to do this, and I'll be taking money for the time it took, wear and tear on the printer, and toner use (but not for the cards, as they bought them).


    Hi =)

    As for the comic: Yes, I'm enjoying it so far - It's on the list of comics I read, after all.

    As for input: I can't think of any input I can give for the comic itself, but I can give some input regarding the tempate in use, mostly regarding some minor cosmetic issues in non-IE browsers. However, this isn't the place to post it at (that, and I'm still working on how to fix these issues), so I'll E-Mail you with that information once I've got it ready.

    Comment by Wolfey — 3/22/2005 @ 3:32 PM

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