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So Much for Pizza…

March 7, 2005 at 10:40 PM


  1. Re: grammar, ellipses and repetition,
    Well, you have to excuse people like me, can't speak English.

    Re: driver's license.
    It is a good idea to get a driver's license, not that if you need to drive or not. And try to get a full license if you can. A driver's license can be used as proof of age and basic form of IDs. With a full driver's license, you can save a lot of money when renting a car.

    Comment by Antony Shen — 3/15/2005 @ 6:51 PM
  2. Don't worry, Antony - That wasn't directed towards you, or anyone else who can't speak English ;)

    (Just to make sure I'm not getting mixed up here, I'm interpreting the use of the word "speak" here as in actually speaking the language, not writing it. I just wanted to state this ahead of time =) )

    What I said there was directed towards people who clearly know the rules of English spelling/grammar, know how to properly set it up in English, and yet blatantly ignore those rules when creating something like that - In other words, they should have known better than to set it up like that, but they just go ahead and make it look like that anyway.

    Of course, this does not apply to people that I know (or find out) to have trouble with speaking/writing in English, either because they don't have as much experience with the language, or because they have a disorder that can cause problems regarding the spelling/grammar they use when posting. I understand that they have some trouble with the language, and as such, I won't correct them if I notice something's wrong in what they said/wrote, except in two cases:

    1. When the spelling/grammar of something that they mention could easily be misinterpreted, and I know how to revise it to avoid misinterpretation, and
    2. When someone asks me to check what they've written, and fix up any spelling/grammar errors that may be present in their message.

    I just wanted to clear that up =)

    As for the license - I agree with you there. Even if I'm not going to be driving (much), I can still use it as proof of my age, and as an identification card...

    ...And it can help to save money when renting a car? Wow...I never knew about that before. I'm not sure if I'll be renting a car anytime soon, but thank you for mentioning that anyway - I'll keep it in mind if I do have to rent a car sometime in the future =)

    Comment by Wolfey — 3/15/2005 @ 9:19 PM
  3. Hello,

    It's not saying that following the rules of spelling and grammar is not important, but the language is changing... People want a new way (but in the same time understandable) to communicate, reason? for "style" or "fun"? However, you should also blame TVs and music (rap in particular.)

    Re: "full" driver's license.
    With "full" driver's license, it will save you money, not just when renting a car, but car insurance etc. Other benefits... when accident happened, you won't be in the lower position...

    (BTW, I have two full driver's licenses.)

    Comment by Antony Shen — 3/15/2005 @ 10:14 PM

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