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There’s Always One Thing I Need…

January 25, 2005 at 9:14 PM

...And it's always the one thing I can't get. That's how my day was:

I got up around 6:00 AM to get ready to go to Mac's Health Club and try to get Larry's computers networked again. This time, I decided to downgrade the desktop from Windows 2000 to 98, due to sluggishness from a lack of RAM. When I got there (with my Windows 98 FE and SE CDs in hand), the first thing I did was back up all of the data on his desktop to the laptop. I spent at least an hour or two just copying everything over from the old computer to the new one (and making sure everything was there), before formatting the desktop's drive to put on Windows 98.

I tried SE first, but it didn't work...And then I recalled that it was an upgrade for FE, not a standalone edition. I then tried installing FE, and when I was just about done...I noticed that I forgot my product key for it. I searched online to find a key that would work, and after going through a few keys, I found one that worked.

Once I got FE up and running, I then prepared to upgrade it to SE...And I forgot my key for that as well (I later recalled that I had it on the CD's label, but I didn't think to look there at the time). Once I got a key for that, I continued with upgrading the computer to SE, and then I tried to set up a network connection...But unfortunately, due to a missing video driver, and the fact that the router's setup program wouldn't fit at a 640-by-480 pixel resolution (I couldn't even click on the buttons), I couldn't get that set up on his computer.

I then tried to use his laptop to download drivers for the desktop's video card...And I realized that I left my keydrive (which is the only thing I could use to transfer files between the computers at this time) at home. This was about an hour or two before 5:00 PM, which is when my Mom said I would have to leave (as I had been there long enough already). I called my parents, and told them to bring the keydrive, plus the installation CD (to install the drivers for my keydrive on Windows 98).

They brought that down, and after installing the drivers for the keydrive, I tried looking for (and downloading, to the keydrive) drivers for his desktop's monitor...But none of those files worked. As I left, I decided that the best thing to do at this point would be to add more RAM to his system (after looking for a good brand that would work in it), and try installing 2000 again after that.


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