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It’s Been One LONG Day…

January 22, 2005 at 2:30 AM

Last week, I got another USB Flash Drive/Keydrive (or whatever the appropriate name for it is =P)...This time, it's from I/O Magic, and is a four gigabyte model - it can hold sixteen times the amount of stuff that my old one could! =D

Also, after taking a look at the page for Portable Thunderbird, and after reading how to add a custom drive icon for a for, I decided to try it out on my own keydrive. Now I have my site mascot's icon for the icon, with "Wolfey's Keydrive" as the description =)

(With my [limited] experience in Windows XP, I noticed you can use icons with alpha transparency...But they're only displayed properly in that version of Windows. In any of the previous versions, the icon will only have single-layer transparency, and will look rather ugly then, even if the icon in use has both alpha-transparent and single-color-transparent/opaque versions of it in the file. If only there were a way to specify which icon to use, depending on which version of Windows it's being used on...)

Also, it's been rather busy this week, especially with getting my room redone (the walls are painted and the linoleum's been put in)...I haven't been on the computer that much as a result.

For Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, I went to the CareerLink building in Kittanning to take classes to help me with being able to do well in an interview. This was also done so that I'm able to get a job coach, to help me with finding a job. The classes went very well.

Today was pretty rough, though...Just one thing after another. I was already up late the night before, and I had to get up very early so that Mom could take me to Larry's to try and get his two computers (ME on the desktop, XP on the laptop) networked (between each other - both could access the Internet without a problem), while she took one of her classes. I tried one thing after another, and nothing worked...And had to leave early, as I was only there until my Mom's class was finished.

After getting home, I had to make a call regarding a (possible) job at a bank (I tried to the day before, but got the answering machine)...And I got the answering machine again. I later went downstairs for awhile to work on the computer, but couldn't do much - Dad was chiseling open a tiny space at the bottom of the wall (across the room) so that a telephone and Ethernet cable could be threaded through and be covered by the baseboard (rather than having to tear up part of the linoleum to get it through)...As well as sweeping up the debris created from this with the wet-dry vac (which made a lot of noise). It didn't help when Mom wanted me to scan a few things, as he was sweeping during that time, and I could not hear what Mom was saying, regarding what I had to scan.

After that, I went to the upstairs living room, and tried to sleep for awhile (as I was tired from being up early, plus not getting much sleep the night before)...But couldn't because of the noise from the wet-dry vac. I just laid down for awhile, until I was ready to get my lunch.

After eating lunch (and just before finishing my drink), Dad wanted me to try calling that number again. I said I would as soon as I finished my drink (I had one sip left), and he started yelling at me, asking me if I really wanted the job, as I didn't look motivated to want it.

(For the record: Yes, I do want the job [if I can get it], but I don't want you yelling at me about not getting up and calling, when I'm that close to finishing my lunch. I know it's important, and I do consider it to be so, but do I absolutely have to make the call at that very moment? Can't it wait just a few more seconds? It is important, and I should call back as soon as possible, but will a few seconds really kill anything here? I don't think so...

...But you having to yell at me like that does kill one thing: My motivation to make the call. I want the job, but I won't call if you're acting like that when you want me to do so.

Also, I tried calling one more time, got the answering machine [again], and left a message...But I slipped up, and said the one thing my parents told me not to say [to call me back as soon as possible]. I got yelled at again [by both of them] for that.)

I can't remember what happened from that point until we left to get the phone and Ethernet cables (we were all in a better mood by then), as well as have supper at Valley Dairy. Before I did, I brought my Windows 2000 CD - Upgrading his copy of Windows ME to that was the only thing I could think of that would work.

(It may be illegal, but at that point, I really didn't care about that anymore; I just wanted to get it to work, as nothing else did. At the very least, the upgrade might fix the stability problems it has right now.)

After we ate, they dropped me off at Larry's to try getting things working again. I checked the system for spyware and viruses (nothing major was found, thankfully) and then tried to install Windows 2000...

...But I forgot my Product Key (it wasn't written down on the disc or the paper sleeve I brought it in). I had to look up quite a few keys online before I finally found one that worked - After that, I went to install it...And it refused to install. I tried rebooting the system - Maybe the upgrade would work if I do it before Windows ME boots up. Thankfully, I was right...And after converting the drive from FAT32 to NTFS, I started to install it. Unfortunately, it took so long that I had to leave before it was finished (the gym was being closed for the night).

I'll have to come back later on (probably tomorrow) to finish the job. Hopefully then I can get them networked properly. I also hope tomorrow will go better than today...


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