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Older Updates Completed; New Room Revisions

January 16, 2005 at 12:16 AM

All right - Not only have I finished adding all of the older updates from the front page of my site to my weblog, I've also got them all properly formatted too, so now I can start work on other things =)

My parents have been doing a lot of work on my room lately...And I have some updates from my previous post, regarding how it will be set up:

  • The floor: The old linoleum has been cleaned up and removed (in case anyone wanted it =P). The new linoleum floor is a tile pattern with a blue color to it. Also, the new carpet (adjacent to the linoleum) will be a white and light-blue mix.
  • The walls: The walls will be painted a slate-blue color, to go with the floor.
  • The shelves: They will be removed entirely.
  • The refrigerator: Part of the cupboard (which is the length of one side of the wall) below the shelves will be removed, to make room for the refrigerator; its handle has also been switched to the right side so it can be opened easily from where it will be.
  • The sink: The only problem it had was a leaky faucet, so that will be fixed, and there'll be a usable sink again here.


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