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Redoing My Room…

January 11, 2005 at 3:00 AM

My parents and I have worked on getting my newer computer (desk and all) moved out of the downstairs kitchen to the [downstairs] living room (and moving around the older computer, plus desk, to allow room for both) . It took awhile...Especially when having to clean out all the dust in both of the computers in the meantime =P

What's the reason for moving the computers around? Well, the downstairs kitchen is my "work" room, as well as a "storage" room; it hasn't been used as a kitchen in a long time (also, the sink that's there leaks when used, so we don't use it...Though we do use its basin as a temporary storage bin, when necessary). For that matter, excluding the addition of a few things, it hasn't been changed at all since its addition - it's in need of fixing up, namely in three places:

  • The linoleum floor: It's been there for as long as I can remember (orange and yellow, with a slightly-simplified fleur-de-lis pattern all over), and is torn (and slightly chipped) right where it and the carpet come together (I had dial-up at the time, and tearing that part up was the only way to get a phone line across to it).
  • The walls: They've been the same light-yellow color for as long as I can remember. Since the floor's being changed, the walls will probably need to be repainted with a different color as well.
  • The shelves: The boards for the first set split apart shortly after Dad set one too many boxes of Lions Club mints (our club's using us for storage =P) on them awhile back. They've since put in another set (moving the rails all to the left, to a part of the wall that can support the rails better), and the shelves themselves have been replaced with sturdier boards as well (they don't look as good as the originals, but at least they work). I'm not sure if the current shelves will actually be replaced, but the marks left from the previous set will need filled in and painted over.

My room will probably be empty for awhile, until everything's fixed up in there. Hopefully it'll look a lot better once it's all fixed up =D


Also, as you may have noticed, I've managed to get all of the updates from my current site update list added to the blog. I'll have to go through all of them again, though, to fix up any formatting errors that I didn't get around to when adding them in.


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