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End of 2004 Recap

January 3, 2005 at 1:43 AM

First off, let me start by wishing everyone here a (belated) Happy New Year!

Also...Here's what I got for Christmas (combining Christmas Eve's gifts as well), as I mentioned earlier:

  • Books (8)
    • 1,001 Reasons to Love America
    • The Book of Totally Useless Information
    • A Compendium of Indispensable Facts
    • How Come?
    • Life's Imponderables
    • The Next Fifty Years (Science in the First Half of the Twenty-First Century)
    • Ripley's Believe It or Not!
    • Stuff You Should Have Learned at School
  • Sweaters (2)
  • Sports Jacket (it's got an inner lining that I can take out, if it's not too cold out =P)
  • Calendars (2)
    • Einstein (Wall Calendar)
    • Murphy's Law (Desk Calendar)
  • Detailer (for cleaning up around the desk/keyboard/etc. - unlike the little desktop vacuum I had before, I can tell that this one will definitely work)
  • Handheld Body Scrubber
  • Various snacks (including pistachios and [I think] sugar-coated walnuts/almonds)
  • A card with a lot of money, from my parents - I didn't ask for anything in particular for Christmas, which is why I got that instead =D

Also, on Thursday, I helped Connie out with the bulletin, showing her the basics of setting up everything - So far, so good. I'll have to help her out a few more times, but she's figuring out how to take care of doing the bulletin =)

That same day (after the bulletin was finished), I also helped Larry (of Mac's Health Club, a local gym - no, I don't go to it, except to help with computer problems =P) set up a simple wireless network between his desktop computer (running Windows ME, and connected directly to the router) and his fairly-recently-purchased laptop (running Windows XP, "connected" by a wireless PC card). It was the second time I've set up a simple network between computers (the first being between my own computers at home), and the first time I've done so with a wireless router (a Linksys model, with a four-port switch built in) and PC card.

After failing to get it to work the first few times on the desktop, I realized the big reason why it wasn't working was because of the connection used: It was a USB connection (between the modem and the computer) instead of an Ethernet connection (between the modem and the router, and the router and the computer)...And we needed a second Ethernet cable to be able to set this up properly ^^;

After Larry came back from Radio Shack with a second Ethernet cable, I shut down and unplugged the router, modem, and computer connected to the computer, replaced the USB cable with the Ethernet cable (setting that up properly), plugged everything back in (in the order specified by the manual), and had no trouble getting it set up afterwards. The laptop was even simpler - I just put in the wireless PC card, turned the computer on, let it boot up, and it took care of setting it up automatically =D

I took the laptop to one of the rooms in his building, closed the door, plugged it in (the battery wasn't installed, so I still need one cord - to power the system), and turned it on. The connection worked great - Now (if I understand it correctly) he can take it pretty much anywhere in his building and be online at the same time, without having to be directly connected to the modem or router =D

On Friday (New Year's Eve), we received a call from one of Mom's friends: She told us that my parents were on TV - Family Life TV (a local TV channel), to be exact. It showed the members of the Kittanning Lions Club (including my parents) working at a dinner at the East Franklin Twp. Fire Hall.

That night, we watched two movies to pass the time - "Anacondas: The Hunt For The Blood Orchid" and "School of Rock". We finished watching both of them just in time to see the ball drop (about one second before it happened =P) - However, both of my parents missed it (Mom was asleep at the moment, and Dad was in the bathroom). That was about it for that day - Not really that exciting =P

As for the weekend, not much happened - I can't recall what happened Saturday; on Sunday, we went to Grandma's, then with one of Mom's friends to a movie ("Meet the Fockers"), then to Kings (to get something to eat) then to Granny's (to see how Aunt Bonnie was doing - she wasn't there at the time), and then we went home (my parents went first - I went later, after Steve brought Aunt Bonnie to Granny's, and I talked to her for awhile before she went to sleep).


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