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It’s Been Busy Around Here Lately…

December 28, 2004 at 10:35 PM

Dad got his knee operated on this morning (for the removal of pins from an earlier surgery). It will take about three weeks for him to fully recover (if I heard right), so Mom and I will have to help him out in the meantime.

In the afternoon, I went with Pappy, who wanted me to come with him while he drove around a bit (to have someone to talk to - it also got me out of the house for awhile =P). Aunt Bonnie would've came with us as well, but there was a slight change in plans.

Grandma and Aunt Sherrie visited late this night, to see how Dad was doing.

Also, I'm still working on fixing up this template, though it seems a bit pointless, especially since it'll be almost completely rebuilt when my prototype template is finished.

(I'll get to putting up the rest of the Pre-Weblog entries when I get the chance =P)

Finally, I will not be here for most of Thursday (starting from 1:00 PM), as I will be at the church, to help show Connie how to set up the bulletin - moving things, adding new things, removing old things, etc.

(I started doing the church's bulletin in the first third of 2002 [possibly earlier, but I don't have records of any bulletins before that], and my final bulletin was for last Sunday - December 26.)


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