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Christmas 2004

December 26, 2004 at 11:06 PM

This weekend went pretty well, given how busy it's been...

Christmas Eve:
I went to Granny's, watched some TV while eating, and opened presents, along with the other four grandchildren in her family (I'm the eldest of the five, by seven years).

Later, I played with Aunt Ronda's dog (her kids named it "Snowereven Walter of Washington", but everyone else calls him "Snowball" - even his name tag says that).

Before I went home, I talked with my Aunt Bonnie, who is recovering from the removal of a (benign) brain tumor. Her recovery is slow (the doctors said she would be in the hospital for four days, but she ended up actually being there for a total of sixteen days), but she's getting better every day =)

After that, I went home to get some sleep...and do some work on my weblog as well =P

We got up early, since my Dad had to get sleep later on, as he would be leaving for work in the evening. We opened up our presents, and had got quite a bit of stuff =)

After that, we went to Grandma's, and opened our presents there. That was followed by dinner (as always, it's overcrowded [her kitchen isn't that large], and I was forced to sit in the back, because I'm the only one in the family that can get in there =P).

After that, I laid down for most of the rest of the evening (getting up to say goodbye to Dad before he left for work) - I was tired from getting to sleep late, and getting up early.

Before I left, I spoke with a few of my relatives that I haven't seen in awhile.

After that, I left, went home, messed around on the computer for awhile, and went to sleep.

The Day After Christmas:
Not much happened this day...I ended up sleeping in and missing church (so did Dad, but that was because he had to go to work yesterday), got up, opened a card from my relatives (this one had a little snowman ornament attached to the envelope, which I took off and hung up on the miniature tree we have by the living room window), got food, and watched TV.

As for what I got over this Christmas weekend...I'll take care of that in a future entry. I can recall some of the things I got, but I can't remember all of them right now - I'm waiting till then before posting an entry on that =P


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