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December 24, 2004 at 1:20 AM

(NOTE: This is the first real blog entry that I have written/typed here. All entries prior to this one were originally part of my old site update list; they have now been merged with the rest of this blog [and are filed under the Pre-Weblog category] so that I can keep the history of my site intact...As well as making it easier to look through ^_~)

I've just got a blog set up here...And I'm new to this, of course, so give me time to learn it all =P

To be honest, I've been planning to set one up for quite awhile - Using a text editor to manually add the actual information (and code for proper display) for site updates, as well as any important events in my life, to HTML files (PHP will be used instead, once the template's ready - Overall, that will be much easier to manage) is not an easy thing to do, especially when you have to move entries around a lot (and also when you change your layout, requiring you to update all your pages with new code for it)...

...A blog (that will double as my site's update list) will take care of that problem - I'll actually be writing often now. Well, often in comparison to how much I usually write ^_~


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