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April 27, 2004

April 27, 2004 at 12:00 AM

Happy (21st) Birthday to Me!

As of 10:23 EST this day, I am officially 21 =D

If you're curious to know what happened today:

  • Grandma and Aunt Sherrie took me out to eat lunch at Pizza Hut / Pasta Bravo. We had a nice meal there, and at the end of the meal, a few of the waitresses surprised me by giving me a cake - As well as singing a birthday song to the tune of "That's AmorĂ©" - Which I wasn't expecting ^_~
  • Later on in the day, Pappy took me over to the fire hall to vote (my mother works there during the elections). Given my party affiliation (No Party - And I was told I was the first one who came to vote who had that affiliation; Only three other people who voted today also had that same affiliation =P), I couldn't vote for any candidates, although I could vote on specific issues - Which means I looked at, and voted on, only one thing on that entire ballot =P

    (Kinda funny that the one time it fell on my birthday, it'd be on my 21st...)

  • I went over to Granny's afterwards, and had a nice supper there (stuffed shells and a few other things), plus another cake, and the traditional "Happy Birthday" tune ^_~
  • Then, Dad brought me home...And once my mother got home from the fire hall, the three of us, in celebration of my 21st birthday, split a beer - A third of the can apiece ^_^

    (That's not all I drank, by the way...A few hours later, when they were asleep, I went back up to the refrigerator and got a full can of beer for myself - And finished it off rather quickly ;P)

Work on the new template is coming along well =) It has taken awhile, but I should have it ready sooner or later...I just need to fix up a couple more things before I start converting the site to use the new layout =D

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