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December 21, 2003

December 21, 2003 at 12:00 AM

Looks like I'll be having a change of plans - Rather than wait to get all the stuff set up and then move, I'm going to move the site to the new address right now. This way, I won't have to keep track of both sites, and can devote more of my free time (once the Christmas rush is over ;P) to getting to work on it. The new address is:


I will no longer be updating the Tripod-hosted site, so please update your bookmarks and website links to the new address above (if you stay on this page, you will be taken to the new address automatically in three minutes).

Also, I am undergoing a change of name: Excluding historical references (e.g. the origin of my Internet nicknames) and non-renamable accounts (e.g. my E-Mail address, my message board accounts) made before this change, I will no longer go by the name WolfeDen3. I will now go by the name Wolfey. If you have any references to the name WolfeDen3 on your site (excluding my E-Mail address, which will remain the same till I get the new one ready), please change them to Wolfey. Also the name of the site will be changing from WolfeDen3's Website to Wolfey's Website, so please change the name of the link as well, if you've listed it on your site...And if you're using the banner images, updated ones with the new name are available at the new address.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I'll be seeing you at the new address! =D


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