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August 12, 2003

August 12, 2003 at 12:00 AM

Ugh...I've been unable to get online for almost two weeks due to a hardware problem, and that's put me way behind schedule - I have a lot of catching up to do on the message boards and everything else I visit as a result of it! X( Here's the story:

Around last Tuesday, my cable modem was acting up, not connecting to the Internet at all. I thought it just needed the usual rarely-needed "reboot", so I unplugged it for a few minutes, and then plugged it back in. Every other time I did this, the modem would be working good as new (if not, then the cable connection is out and I just have to wait - this is even rarer, though, and it's usually up and running again in, at most, a few hours)...

But not this time - It connected, but v-e-r-y s--l--o--w--l--y, finally going out again shortly thereafter...I repeated the process a few more times (unplugging other equipment as well), and it didn't help to fix the problem at all. I waited until Friday to see if it would be working by then, and it wasn't - I then had some technicians from Adelphia come over to check the cable line to see if that was the problem. After they had done things like testing the line, changing the connection splitters from the lines downstairs (to close any open ports - that is, keeping noise from said open ports from going back into the line, to avoid a reduction in connection quality), and setting up a test modem of theirs (which worked perfectly on the old computer, but not the new one - The important thing is that the connection worked this time), they had determined that their line was OK - Which meant that something else (the modem, router, switch, or network card) was the faulty part...And I couldn't do anything about it till Monday =(

After waiting till Monday, I called Armstrong Microsystems to talk to them about the problem I had, and they sent over one of their technicians (who was actually someone in my Computer Science class at Lenape Tech) to check out the problem. After awhile, it was confirmed that the modem was the problem (the switch and router were working just fine), and so she called back to them to see about getting it replaced - I ended up having to have the modem sent back to Toshiba to get a replacement, which I didn't receive until yesterday (even though it should have been here by Thursday, four days earlier)...

...And the one they sent back came with the modem only - It didn't have the papers, the CD (which wasn't really needed, since I didn't uninstall anything), the thing to hold it vertically (which I liked, as that's how I mounted it - I can still keep it vertical without that thing, but it's going to tip over sooner or later), and most importantly, the AC adapter (*)! >_< I had to wait an hour or two for my Dad to get an adapter, which I had to put in a different surge supressor because it was slightly larger than the old one and wouldn't fit in the one I use for this computer. Then, just when I go to call Adelphia to get the modem activated...They're closed. I had to wait till today to call them and finally get it activated.

((* - UPDATE: Today, at 3:15 PM EST, I got another box, which came with everything else that was supposed to come with the modem - The CD, the thing-to-hold-it-vertically, the USB cord [which I forgot to mention before], and the AC adapter! ^_^ The only thing that didn't come with it was the papers, but I never used them anyway ^_~))

Next time this happens, I won't hesitate to consider the modem (and not the cable line) to be the most likely source of the problem, and I won't hesitate to get it replaced, either - I'll probably just go out and buy a new one instead of sending back my current one, given how long it took to get all the parts so I could get back online...

I'm just glad this whole ordeal is finally over now! =D

And now, some good news - Since I turned 16, I never bothered to get my driver's license (though I did get my learner's permit...Which I let run out, and haven't went back to get another one since then, as I haven't been driving in the last few years ^^; ), I went to get my photo ID Friday =) It's a good thing I got it that day, too - If I didn't, I'd have to wait till Wednesday to get it (the center to get photo IDs at is only open Wednesday through Friday), and I'll need it this upcoming Wednesday as proof of identification for something job-related...Who knows, I might finally get a job this time! ^_^

I've also taken some of my "time off" to take care of a couple of things: I deleted some no-longer-needed files; archived entire folders of stuff I want to keep, but no longer use, into Zip files, making it a lot easier to manage the remaining folders, and; made some alterations to certain files that my parents and I use often, for things like church bulletins and Lions Club data, to really speed up getting the work done for them - In the case of one set of Lions Club files, I combined the data from thirteen separate files into a single file! =D

In some site-related news, I have recently made updates to all things carbunklian: Carbuncle's glasses have been changed from lime and rectangular to light blue and circular, and the color of Diamond's headband has been changed from dark red to dark grey, so they'd look better (as well as more unique in comparison to the other characters) - Their pictures, as well as the "Carbunklian Appearances" document, have been updated to reflect these changes. Also, all their pictures have had a few pretty-much-unnoticeable flaws removed as well (it was bugging me to have them there =P). And finally, the three of them have a few more nicknames on their character pages (now rearranged by type, and then by letter) ^_^

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