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June 25, 2002

June 25, 2002 at 12:00 AM

I've started 5th Quarter at ITT Tech last week...New setup, too: I go for roughly an hour more each day, but I get a whole day off - I only have to go from Monday to Wednesday instead of Monday to Thursday...Which means the 2nd school week's over for me after tomorrow ^_^

I've also added two more links on the Links page. It's not much, but it should be enough to hold you over until I get some real good content on the site (yeah...Like that'll ever happen =P).

June 12, 2002

June 12, 2002 at 12:00 AM

BIG Update: Aside from compatibility with Internet Explorer browsers, the site should now look right in all non-Internet Explorer browsers too, and even Babelfish to boot =D I've finally found coding that seems to work correctly with other browsers, including Netscape 4 and above. I have to give a big thank-you to Empy Claw for helping test this for me until I found a solution that *worked* ^_^

June 7, 2002

June 7, 2002 at 12:00 AM

I've just finished 4th Quarter at ITT Tech (halfway done! ^_^), and have all of next week off =D

The Links page has been given three updates (two major, one minor). One, "Roleplaying Sites" has been split up: All Roleplaying websites are still in that category, but all message boards have been moved to a new category (appropriately titled "Message Boards"). This is so that message boards (RolePlaying and non-RolePlaying) without a website can still have their message boards listed here. Two, aside from the fact that I have added new comics (and removed inactive/finished ones), I am now listing each comic's update schedule right below the comic's link (using one-letter abbreviations for each day, each day separated with a hyphen), so you can see how often new comics come out. Three, I made a couple of minor changes to the statements in the "Visitor's Links" and "Link Up!" sections.

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