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October 3, 2001

October 3, 2001 at 12:00 AM

Heh...Remember how difficult it was to view through my character bios, as well as the links pages, because they were so large? Well, I've worked overtime on that problem to create the perfect remedy: Those pages now have their own little "quick-links" section near the top of the page...You can just click on a link, and it'll take you straight to the category it links to...I guess slaving over that till I got it complete turned out to be worth it, eh? ^_^

And for that matter, I should note I've reorganized those pages as well: The RP Characters main page has a very slight change to the dialogue, the character bios now list "Possessions" as its own section on them, and the links page has had a few links added to it, as well as getting a much-needed recategorization of the links...


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