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August 21, 2001

August 21, 2001 at 12:00 AM

Done a lot of changes recently: I've added a few categories to the "About Me" page, added a "Best Contact Times" category on the "Contact Me" page (so you know when I might be online), put up the site's first viewer-submitted Funny Screenshot (sent in by Fergard), added another photo of my dog (before haircut), and added two short stories about Lavos that I wrote a few years back...But that's not all: I'm even putting up a few sets of Bomberman-related cursors I made a few years ago, in case you want to see them =)

Man...If I could just get one of the three remaining copies of a book I did in 6th grade, I'd give all of you faithful viewers a special treat: The very first story between two of my (now made for) RP characters. It's the story that started it all...


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