About Me

This page will tell you about who I am, what I am like, and many other things that are listed below.

(This page was last updated on January 5, 2004.)

A picture of me, taken from my WebCam.

Full Name: Timothy Paul Wolfe
Nicknames (IRL): Tim, Timothy, Timmy, TimMAY!, Timbo, Timotheus
Nicknames (Internet): Ragnarok, Raggy, Savior of Files, Ragu, Timmy, Tim
Age: 20
Birthday: April 27, 1983
Gender: Male (if you didn't know this already, leave my site now!...Just kidding =P)
Height: 5 feet 8 inches
Weight: 132 pounds
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue (closer to green, but there is a lot of yellow in this house, so it's hard for me to tell...)
Dominant Hand: Right
Residence: Kittanning, Pennsylvania...Though technically I live in Walkchalk
Hobbies: Using the computer to create documents for other people, complete homework, fix documents/graphics/webpages, play games, chat/RP, and mess around on when I have nothing else to do
Favorite Colors: Blue, Gold, Platinum, Brown, Black
Favorite Books/Magazines (in alphabetical order): Bathroom Reader's Institute Series, Discover, Popular Science
(all deceased):
Rush, a Rottweiler/German Shepherd mix; Two hermit crabs, and; Tango, a German Shepherd/Husky mix
Likes (Major): Using the computer, playing videogames, helping people with anything computer-related, making/hearing jokes (both dumb and sick-minded ones), chatting with people, and RolePlaying
Likes (Minor): Playing games, making (inherently bad) jokes, and watching funny TV commercials or TV programs (usually science-related programs, funny/sick-minded shows, "shocking" videos, law enforcement programs, or car chase programs)
Dislikes (Major): My dad kicking me off the computer to play Solitaire/FreeCell, my Mom kicking me off the computer to download MP3s / work on Lions Club papers, my parent's arguments (not a problem in itself, just that they can be very loud at times...), the constant and shrill ringing of the phone (why can't people just stop calling here? >_<), constantly being called away to do things (including doing things that I feel that no one should have to do...Especially true since I'm rarely told what I have to do in the first place, so I don't find out until then >_<), and having someone looking at what I am doing (if I consider it "personal" matters, which includes pretty much everything I do on the computer), or even being within a few feet of me, since I'm slightly paranoid that way
Dislikes (Minor): Going somewhere I don't want to because I know I won't get home until much later than told and waiting to get things done, having ice cubes in my drinks, edited/truncated commercials and movies
Personality: Offline: I'm nice to most people I meet, but am naturally shy and don't talk to others that much...Unless, of course, something they say catches my interest or is relating to something a person may need help with. I'm usually not alert at all in the morning and early afternoon, but I am very alert at night (due to the fact I love to stay up late ^_^). I have a somewhat bad habit of holding off things till the last minute (though it's not always my fault, and so I rush to get them done. I also may hold off working on something if I'm occupied with something else, or if I feel that I can't work on that thing at this time.

Online: I'm nice to everyone, and for some reason I feel more energetic than when not online (maybe because I'm not so shy on the Internet as I am in real life?). I'm usually bored at this time, so I'll either mess around with something, chat/RP, help someone with something they're having trouble with (if it is within what I can do), think about various things, or take care of my own business. I'll usually overwork myself until I get the job done, so I don't forget about it and hold it off (this is pretty much the opposite of my Offline personality).

Overall: I'm very friendly, and if you want to talk to me, I'll probably talk back. It can get so lonely at times...And though I may be pessimistic at times (worrying that I won't get something done/something won't get fixed in time, already predicting I won't be able to do something I wanted to do for awhile, etc.), I am more of an optimist (knowing that I'll get my work done if I put effort into it, not worrying over something because it turned out that I never had to worry at all).

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